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Here you'll find all the tools you'll need to get Taylor's clothes or similar pieces for affordable prices! You can request the looks you want, simply leave a comment with the outfit you want. If you know of a garment and you want to share it on the blog you're welcome to do that too. And if there's a broken link please report it by commenting so we can fix it.
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Terça-feira, 26.07.11



Today Taylor turns 18! To congratulate her you guys can do it through twitter, myspace,  the TPR site, or through her official site. We hope she has a great joyful day and continues to amaze us like she does! Happy Birthday Taylor!


Hoje a Taylor faz 18 anos! Para lhe dar os parabéns podem faze-lo pelo twitter, myspaceTPR site, ou pelo site dela. Desejamos lhe um dia feliz e esperamos que ela continue a deslumbrar-nos com todos os seus talentos! Parabéns Taylor!


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Segunda-feira, 26.07.10

Taylor is 17 today and the blog couldn't miss this day! If you want to congratulate Taylor you can do it through twitter, myspace, the TPR website or her own. The only thing left to say is...


A Taylor hoje faz 17 anos e o blog não podia deixar escapar este dia! Se querem dar os parabéns à Taylor aconselho a fazerem-no pelo twitter, pelo myspace ou site dos TPR, ou pelo site dela. Só resta dizer...


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